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Refillable, recyclable and practical: meet the new Regula refill jar

Packaging Solutions

Quadpack’s Regula family has taken another step in its positive impact journey. Answering market demands for more user friendly, premium and sustainable packaging, the company is launching a jar that has it all: the new Regula refill jar is recyclable, refillable, monomaterial and easy to use.

The 50 ml pack has a thick walled outer jar in PET, with a premium, glass like aesthetic, perfect for prestige cosmetics brands. The inner jar, developed for optimal compatibility with most skincare formulas, is made of PP and is designed to be easily thermosealed, one of the best solutions for refills.

Both components can be quickly separated by hand, thanks to a gap in the outer jar specifically developed for easy removal. The refill is just as easily inserted, making a reassuring ‘click’ sound when closed.

The new double walled cap is completely made of PP, which makes all its components recyclable. Made at Quadpack’s manufacturing site in Kierspe, Germany, the jar is an optimal solution both for brands that want to start their journey towards refillable packaging and for Regula jar clients that want to take that extra step towards sustainability.

All components can be decorated using various techniques, as Quadpack offers complete manufacturing and decoration solutions made in Germany.


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