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Richfield adds productivity with Morgana bookletmaker

Finishing Solutions

Richfield Print Management, based in Thatcham, Berkshire, has added a Morgana Systems BM4035 bookletmaker, complete with FM module, and hand feed delivery tray. The unit was supplied to Richfield by Morgana Systems’ dealer Southern Print Finishing Services.

Morgana Systems’ BM4000 suite of bookletmakers provide a solution for work with low to mid volume digital production printers. The BM4035 delivers booklets of exceptional quality, and is able to feed long printed sheets to produce a wide variety of applications, including A4 landscape booklets, which are becoming increasingly popular with customers.

‘The system replaces the handwork approach that we had previously taken,’ said Steve Basterfield, managing director of Richfield Print Management. ‘The numbers of A4 booklets being required by customers had just grown to the point where some automation was definitely needed, and Morgana was there to help us. It is a very impressive machine.

‘The new bookletmaker just glides through the work – eating up work in minutes that might have taken us hours to produce by hand with an extended stapler.

‘The machine is so easy to set up, which is important when you have inexperienced operators, and the SquareBack finish is a great improvement for the finished document – something that our customers have already commented positively on. The paperback book appearance means that there is a spine that can be printed on, should customers need to do that.

‘We haven't yet found the need for the full range of sizes offered by the BM4035, but we now know that we can handle them when customer demand requires us to.’

During the pandemic, Steve decided that taking online orders was going to be critical to the running of the business during those dark days, and so​ was born. ‘We have gained a good number of small business and personal customers from the online ordering capability. The work that comes from it is a bonus really, rather than our main focus, but hopefully that will grow over the next few years, as people become more aware of its existence,’ he commented.

Richfield Print Management uses a Konica Minolta print engine to create its printed work, with a variety of Morgana Systems’ finishing models being employed for post press production.

The BM4000 series of bookletmakers produce consistently high quality booklets in a wide range of sizes and media types. The basic configuration, with hand feed capability, enables users to make booklets in an off line mode, meaning that one binder can service multiple print engines.

The BM4035 can produce corner stapled documents in portrait A4, as well as edge stapled documents in portrait, plus the popular landscape A4, with up to 140 page booklet capacity. The unit can also support long sheets of up to 660 mm, without the creasing and side slitting module (CST) or 620 mm with CST.

The unit’s heavy duty staple mechanism has been designed for durability, and is maintenance free thanks to a patented solution that eliminates periodic service intervals. Users are able to adjust both the staple and fold positions though the easy initial set up. The BM4000 series machines have a patented ‘set positioning mechanism’ that allows the operator to adjust the staple position and the direction of travel from the intuitive user interface.

Operators can now also compensate for the skew caused when feeding long sheets with a simple adjustment in the user interface, on the fly. Richfield Print Management can now produce SquareFold booklets in sizes from A6 to A4 Landscape, or in the larger A4 square format 297 x 297 mm.

The optional finishing module (FM) includes the new face trimmer and SquareFold mechanism in a single unit. The technology is based on the successful trimmer and SquareFold modules, with added support for longer sheets, while reducing overall size of the package.


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