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Rococo chooses Robinson for new packaging

Packaging Solutions

Robinson Paperbox Packaging has once again been chosen by Rococo Chocolates to be the supplier of its flagship Easter egg box for 2023.

Rococo, part of the Dimori group, is one if the leading luxury confectionery brands in the UK with retail outlets in London and various concessions in leading UK department stores such as Fenwick’s.

Robinson, which was recently awarded FSC certification for its Paperbox division, has produced a rigid shoulder box with internal fitments with a printed satin ribbon to hold the egg in place. The box has been printed in the traditional blue Rococo design inside and out on an uncoated paper. The packaging is 100% recyclable and has no element of plastic in it unlike most other easter egg boxes on the market.

Rococo chose to add a final sticker to the front of the box to distinguish each design, this allowed them to print the boxes in bulk to gain a more cost effective price.

Nicola Imoli from Rococo commented, ‘Robinson Paperbox is a perfectly suited partner for our packaging, offering flexible lead times and high quality boxes made to the highest quality that represent our brand ethos.’

Jon Walker, new business development manager, Robinson, said: ‘We are absolutely delighted to once again partner with this premium producer to offer the ultimate Easter egg gifts. Our creative team and state of the art machinery allow us to produce packaging that matches the deliciously unique chocolate eggs created by Rococo.’


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