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Roland DG highlights sustainability with Oeko-Tex certified inks

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Roland DG has announced that its primers and inks for the Texart XT-640S-DTG printer are now Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex certified. Inks and primers are only awarded the certification after a series of rigorous tests, which dissect if each individual ingredient in the chemical product meets strict conditions. As a result of the certification, the products will now be added to the Oeko-Tex buying guide, the central sourcing platform for pre-certified articles and materials.  

Eco Passport is a globally recognised mechanism that guarantees to suppliers of textile chemical colourants and auxiliaries that the chemicals used in the printed image meet regulatory requirements. It means that Roland DG customers including sign, garment, and promotional goods manufacturers can confidently use the printer’s inks and primers in sustainable direct to garment print and production.  

‘Our customers respect and value this certificate as clear proof of sustainable textile production,’ said Encarna Luque, senior product manager for inks and business development in textile and decoration for Roland DG EMEA.  

‘As the global sustainability effort strengthens, governments, brands and consumers are demanding a higher standard of eco friendly textile products. Many of our customers have an eco conscious ethos and it is imperative that they are able to tell their own clients that the textiles under their production have been made sustainably and meet regulatory demands. 

‘We are proud to be able to offer certified sustainable inks and primers for the Texart XT-640S-DTG printer, to act in response to our customers’ needs and play an active role in the global effort towards sustainability.’

The XT-640S-DTG printer is the latest addition to Roland’s Texart range. The range delivers on-demand reliable and high quality output, enabling mass customisation of textile products.  

The XT-640S-DTG provides the ability to print durable, vibrant, full colour designs, photos, logos and text directly onto a wide range of cotton, cotton rich and white polyester t-shirts and apparel. Specially developed inks include high density white inks for printing on dark apparel as well as CMYK and the printer’s unique sliding baseplate and jig design allows for different sizes of garments to be combined for maximum versatility.  

Printing CMYK, the device can rapidly accelerate production, manufacturing up to 450 garments per hour using a 200 x 260 mm jig production mode, or 225 garments per hour in quality mode.

The XT-640S-DTG can be combined with Ergosoft Roland DG Edition 3 RIP software, included with the printer, to unlock time and money saving functions like background colour removal for ink reduction and auto white generator which allows white data to be created easily within the RIP. 


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