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Rotary screen printing ‘seeing post Covid surge’

Packaging Solutions

Matt Francklow, managing director at Creation, said: ‘We are seeing the print and packaging sector put its foot back on the accelerator in terms of innovation and development. The uptick in demand for rotary screens isn’t too surprising, the format has been gathering pace for some time as printers invest in more diverse print technologies. It is becoming increasingly difficult for label and packaging printers to specialise when agility, versatility and innovation remain so key. Rotary screen printing is hitting all the right notes for printers in terms of what brand owners and consumers are looking for.

‘Volume, speed and accuracy are as core as ever, both in getting product into consumer hands and in reducing print errors and re-runs. However, we also see a marked drive towards the premium tactile finishes that resonate so strongly with today’s shoppers. Rotary screen printing doesn’t just tick every box, it boosts performance for printers of every size.’

Creation supplies label and packaging printers with the leading range of Kocher & Beck rotary screens, which balance high speed with quality, accuracy and consistent HD 4000 dpi imaging over long print runs. The high definition, pre-coated screens are comprised of a nickel plated stainless steel material and coated with photopolymer.

Offering flexibility for printers, Koch & Becker rotary screens cover a wide range of material substrates, machine unit types and screen unit widths, and can reuse any end ring type, which Creation also supplies.

Matt added, ‘Across the packaging sector, I think we are getting Covid fatigue – but while evolving consumer demands are still such a driving force for success, we continue to focus on what can deliver results right here, right now. For a growing number of printers, the answer lies in rotary screens. Capturing the eye and the imagination with superb colour density, vibrancy and finishes is a powerful tool in the arsenal of printers, and we are expecting to see rotary screens continue this strong upward momentum into the future.’

Pre-press partner to the label and packaging print sector, Creation Reprographics has seen a dramatic boost in demand for rotary screen printing in the label and packaging sectors, which the business believes will continue for the foreseeable future.

Creation, which partners with printers and converters to deliver high quality reprographic services and outstanding shelf appeal, has noted that its rotary screen range, which showcases leading Kocher & Beck rotary screen technology, is seeing a new lease of life in the label and packaging printing sector.


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