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Solopress launches new initiative to support high value customers

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Essex based Solopress has announced a new door to door leaflet distribution service. For the first time, its customers will be able to create a precisely targeted leaflet campaign that will reach right into the homes of their most valuable audiences.

The new service is time saving, trustworthy and targeted.

It is time saving because marketers no longer need to spend time sourcing and managing a third party distributor for their door drop campaigns. And thanks to the intuitive ‘Campaign Builder’ hosted on the Solopress website, there is no need to compile a mailing list.

It is trustworthy as Solopress is one of the UK’s most trusted printers with over 26,000 five star reviews, and delivery will be handled by Royal Mail.

It is targeted because users can carefully select their exact audience. Users can choose to target an area between a one and 30 mile radius, or between a five and 30 minute drive. Each user can refine their audience by type of family, age group, income bracket or simply by postcode.

Customers wishing to use this new service can simply pick ‘yes’ from the door to door option on the product page of their chosen flyer or leaflet type.

Further guidance is available for customers to access at

Managing director Simon Cooper said, ‘There was an opportunity to further support our customers by giving them a service that will save them time and allow them to manage their door drop campaigns through a single supplier.

‘Door to door leaflet distribution lets our customers build efficient campaigns that target specific audiences.’

Thanks to this fully integrated service from Solopress, users can now send their campaigns directly from their computers, straight through the letterboxes of the people that matter most to their businesses.


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