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Southgate Global products lead the way for sustainability

Packaging Solutions

Southgate Global is celebrating the ongoing success of its new sustainable solutions after major investment into new product development in the past 12 months.

The new range has been part of the company’s ongoing, pioneering activity to lead the industry in developing sustainable packaging products. In the past year, Southgate has launched several new sustainable products including PET Tape, made from 85 recycled plastic, Xtegra Tegrabond water activated tape case taper and the PWN4 air pillow system.

The success of the sustainable alternatives follows new research by Aquapak that revealed over 50% of UK consumers would be prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging when they buy clothes and accessories. The findings highlight consumers’ commitment to a move towards planet friendly packaging and the surge in demand for readily available sustainable solutions.

The company is committed to developing a line of alternative products to expand its current range and significantly reduce packaging waste and plastic content.

Darren Smith, head of marketing, said: ‘2022 is already proving itself to be a year of sustainable innovation in the industry and we are proud to be playing our part. As demand continues to grow and eco friendly products become a high priority for consumers, we have been working hard to introduce new products and widen our offering.’

Southgate reported the launch of its new recycled PET tape has been particularly popular in recent months. With high mechanical tear resistance, its ideal to close standard and recycled cardboard boxes and its reduced thickness allows a saving of over 20% of plastics.

Darren added, ‘With the continued boom in e-commerce driving the demand for packaging products and the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax in April, it has been unsurprising to see the success of our PET Tape as businesses seek alternatives yet may not want to make the switch from plastic entirely.’

‘Whenever we demonstrate our new products, we are always blown away with the positive response they receive,’ said Darren. ‘It is very rewarding to see such interest in our new ranges we have launched in the past year, and we look forward to unveiling the new exciting projects still to come.’


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