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Stationers’ launches 2024 Warrants

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The Stationers’ Company has announced that it is now inviting applications for the 10th Anniversary Warrants.

The Warrant is a mark of recognition for any company with an outstanding product, product range or service that would benefit from being officially recognised and promoted. In the last 10 years the Stationers’ Company has awarded 28 warrants which have recognised a breadth of industry excellence spanning all aspects of the content and communications sectors.

A warrant for your product or product range or service provides an opportunity to showcase your quality offering and differentiate you from others in your sector. Applications are open to all and not just those connected to the Stationers’ Company.

Full details and to apply please click on this link or contact Chris Geer Chair of Warrants Committee at or directly at chris.geer@chrisgeerassociates

Closing date for Applications is Thursday 30 November 2023.


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