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Sun Chemical digitises colour communication with GMG ColorCard

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Sun Chemical has integrated GMG ColorCard into its colour matching services and will offer ColorCard to customers as a part of the SunColorBox solution set.

In packaging printing, visual colour references – or ink drawdowns – continue to be an important part of the approval and print production process.

Traditional practices for colour matching and reprints require specialised skills and depend on analogue tools and processes. GMG ColorCard opens an entirely new chapter and enables the digital production of colour cards based on the ink kitchen’s spectral measurement values.

Integrating ColorCard, Sun Chemical can now help its customers move to a more digitised workflow. This gives customers the opportunity to create accurate colour references on-site, at their own location, further reducing turnaround time and eliminating shipping costs. The solution ensures that printers and converters can meet their clients’ highest expectations in terms of both quality and turnaround time.

Patrice Aurenty, business leader, Sun Chemical, commented: ‘This partnership continues to build on our innovative set of tools. By partnering with GMG Color, Sun now offers a best in class solution to help customers automate colour communication, reduce lead times, improve colour consistency, and get to market faster.’

GMG ColorCard is fully automated and easy to operate. Only a few clicks and the entry of basic parameters such as ink, printing process and substrate, is all that’s required.

Marc Levine, director of business development, GMG Color, said: ‘For the packaging supply chain, punctual and precise colour communication is critical. We believe that GMG ColorCard is the next evolutionary step in communicating colour expectations quickly and accurately. Our partnership with Sun Chemical illustrates that digital drawdowns are the new best practice for colour specification. Through this partnership, customers now have a faster, more accurate way to specify colour and drive colour success.’

A packaging project often requires multiple ink drawdowns or additional colour cards to be produced later in the process. ColorCard enables identical colour cards to be produced in minutes across multiple locations.


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