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The Ferrari of bending and broaching heads to ACA

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ACA is installing a new Italian designed and built die making bender machine, the first of its kind in the UK. The Serviform LineA will enable the Glasgow company to continue to meet customer expectations for quality and quick turnround formes, delivered to all parts of the UK.

Dara Changizi, director, said: ‘This machine is designed by an Italian company that produces formes itself and has developed equipment which it sells worldwide to other die makers. The LineA was launched last September and there are five sold globally and we are the first in the UK. It is faster than any previous Serviform model and it will give us an increased capacity and a competitive edge. We welcome its arrival.’

The LineA is built for speed. It is 30% faster in bending the steel than any previous Serviform model, the broaching unit uses a broaching wheel rather than a needle and the nicking module has six wheel sizes on a spindle.

A complete set of special cartridges allows the creation of special rules such as punched revolver nicks. The machine can bend 1.5 pt, 2 pt, 3 pt and 4 pt material up to a height of 32 mm. The SDDS software has been developed for ease of use and its ability to interact with existing networks.

Nick Myatt, technical sales manager at Partwell Group, which supplies the LineA, said: ‘We are really happy to see the first LineA machine installed in the UK. The team at ACA was quick to see how the benefits of this machine could impact their business and were extremely impressed at the speed and accuracy that this machine bends.’


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