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The FINAT Label Competition

Label Solutions

For 43 years, the annual FINAT Label Competition has provided an opportunity for label printers to promote and highlight the advantages and uses of self-adhesive labels as an effective marketing, promotional or identification tool. We have seen labels evolve from a simple information carrier to an intelligent solution that does not only seamlessly deliver brand messages, but can also enhance the consumer’s product experience by added, interactive features. We have also witnessed a gradual shift from conventional to digital or hybrid printing. What is next?

That is the question the jury members are asking themselves every year and every time they are amazed to ascertain that label printing continues to evolve.

Small, medium sized and even multinational concerns are invited to take part in this competition and show their most innovative concepts and breathtaking designs.

For the complete details and registration form please visit:

Entries are being accepted until 16 February 2023 with a maximum extension until 23 February.


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