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The Solutions Award 2014

Solutions Awards

And the winner is…

Fresh Design & Print

The Solutions Awards always sees some absolutely mouth watering examples of good print, but they are about more than that. It is about rewarding ‘the solutions’ behind the print. The little things that mean you have gone the extra mile, or changed your business for the better, or won a new customer by being adaptable.

Fresh Design & Print’s story really stood out as a solution. Not only does the company produce the print, but it works with the customer to devise something new that would allow that client to get more from the product. That eagerness to help sparked a new opportunity – that little idea to make the product better, allowed this company to change its business. At the time, it meant that it started to get nearly 60% of its work through selling on that idea to other customers. Fresh also started to win new customers too and grew its business and its profit – now that is not just positive print – that is a solution!

Fresh Design & Print

01296 489998


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