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The Solutions Award 2016

Solutions Awards

...And the winner is


Foilco is a real customer centric company – from innovative products to incredible service where nothing is ever too much and helping, advising, and caring is totally ingrained into its psyche.

To say it is service driven is easy, but then words are easy. What is not so easy in day to day working environment when everyone is busy is the proof of that – and for Foilco the proof of its customer service and satisfaction comes by the tonne. Interestingly, as all the online votes have been flying in over the last few months, many of this company's customers have written in to Print Solutions to say what a delight it is to work with the team. How brilliant the customer service is. What a tremendous ambassador for this industry it is. This included many customers who are nothing to do with print at all – people from all walks of life who are seeing how ‘wow’ print is thanks to our winner.

From a free sharing of knowledge and expertise, to coming up with intriguing ideas to help customers, from producing marketing tools to working in true partnership with clients to get the best – I know, I speak from the experience of being one of those customers on the receiving end of this.

It is not just customer service. It is customer satisfaction. It is what sets Foilco apart and won the company the 2016 Solutions Award.


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