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The Solutions Award 2018

Solutions Awards

And the winner is…

Blackdog Digital

Whilst the heights of innovation always shine at the awards, and many truly fantastic companies and exciting projects show exactly how creative print is, there was one adventurer in 2018 who glowed a little brighter, went a little further, quested more righteously for originality – one who deserved the title of champion of the land. This is an upholder of all that is creative, and this is Blackdog Digital!

Blackdog is known for not always going down the easy, conventional route, and for looking at ways to add inspiration. It never simply thinks within its comfort zone – in fact, I am not sure it even has one!

It doesn’t say ‘it can’t be done’ but actively looks at ways to help customers so that what ay be deemed ‘impossible’ by many suppliers, gets fulfilled to the customers’ satisfaction.

And, that is really what this company is all about – ‘satisfaction’. Making sure that customers are the very centre of the business. That everything revolves around them.

Yes, it does produce beautiful print, beautiful design, use beautiful papers, but what our champion for 2918 does is to offer the highest levels of support and service possible.

Blackdog may a small company, but it is blessed with a very big heart and oozes passion for what it does and for this industry, but it is also passionate about who it produces print for – its customers.

Blackdog Digital

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