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Premier Paper

Known for its proactive customer service, environmental ethos, and a broad range of products, Premier Paper is able to answer the needs of today’s graphic arts and communications professionals whether they need an everyday paper or something special for an inspiring creative project.

Through its nine specialist divisions, Premier Paper offers the best in terms of service, and a high level of guidance and advice, specifically tailored to each sector.

Its comprehensive portfolio comprises office papers, digital papers, creative papers, envelopes, reels, packaging, wide format, carbonless, coloured, graphical boards, self-adhesives and labels. It holds around 30,000 tonnes of paper and around 5500 different products throughout its network of 16 local branches across the UK – from Newton Abbot to Dartford, from Southampton to Glasgow, and from Liverpool to East Anglia. Its centrally located main warehouse in Birmingham operates 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Premier Paper works as an integral part of its customers’ businesses, whether they are printers, designers, corporates, public sector organisations, or other paper specifiers, providing a first class service, whilst sharing extensive knowledge and experience, and supporting sustainability through its environment and business standards.


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