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Tradeprint boosts productivity with LED Push-to-Stop technology

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Tradeprint has recently invested in a new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106 eight colour perfector equipped with the latest Push-to-Stop technology. This new 8P machine complements the company’s existing Speedmaster 10 colour perfector press, which runs with conventional inks and is now employed to produce run lengths of approximately 2000 sheets. The new eight colour LED-UV is one of the most automated long perfectors in the UK. The company has opted for LED-UV technology over LE-UV technology as the group felt this was a more energy efficient process than the LE-UV technology more commonly found in the UK.

‘Using the 8P LED-UV Speedmaster has elevated our print quality, as the dry sheets result in fewer post press marks. Additionally, the LED-UV technology has significantly reduced our turnaround times and decreased our work in progress product on the floor by as much as 80%,’ said Rod Scrimgeour, operations director at Tradeprint. ‘This is the only LED-UV long perfector press in the UK and is complemented by the automated ink supply from a 200 kg drum of LED-UV ink. Running at a speed of 18,000 sheets per hour, the Speedmaster XL 106-8-P uses the latest Autoplate XL 3 technology. This permits simultaneous plate changes and wash ups, reducing our makeready time to just minutes. As run lengths decrease, this becomes a real advantage to both productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).’

Charlene Joss, managing director at Tradeprint, remarked: ‘The Speedmaster XL 106 LED-UV long perfector stands out for multiple benefits – its impeccable print quality, efficient energy consumption, and the collaborative relationship it generates between Heidelberg and us. This approach ensures optimal performance, measured down to the minutest detail through Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics. It is no exaggeration to say that this press has revolutionised the way we work.’

‘We are delighted that Tradeprint chose Heidelberg and invested in the Speedmaster XL106 with Push-to-Stop technology,’ said Martin Rimmer, account manager at Heidelberg UK. ‘The Speedmaster XL106 is ideally suited for industrial volume job changes. Moreover, the Push-to-Stop technology enables autonomous printing and further enhances productivity.’

Established in Dundee in 1997, Tradeprint has grown into a full service web to print enterprise. It acts as a print partner for thousands of businesses.


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