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X-Rite Pantone introduces colour assessment profile

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As brands navigate the competitive landscape of consumer goods, the visual impact of packaging plays a pivotal role in attracting customers. X-Rite Pantone has now launched a brand colour assessment profile programme to help brands visualise how their colours will reproduce across different types of packaging materials.


Innovative packaging can help products stand out on the shelf. However, matching brand colour across different pack types like stand up pouches, folding cartons, labels, overwraps, and shelf trays can be challenging. When printing, brands can use either a spot colour or a CMYK breakdown. While spot colours are more accurate, CMYK is more economical. For both, the choice of packaging material, printing process, and ink can significantly influence the final appearance of a brand's colour on the shelf. 


‘Colour consistency is critical in brand recognition because consumers often associate any colour discrepancy with product quality,’ said Cindy Cooperman, vice president, brand global strategic accounts, X-Rite Pantone. ‘Our brand colour assessment profile aims to alleviate this by helping brands understand how colour will reproduce early in the design process before colour samples are even sent.’


The company’s experts will create a personalised colour assessment profile using the brand’s specified colour. Brand managers and designers can use this report to: 

  • See how specific brand colours will look on multiple packaging substrates.

  • Determine whether CMYK is accurate enough for various pack types.

  • Make informed colour decisions early in the design phase.

  • Save time, minimise unexpected surprises, and eliminate time wasted trying to hit unachievable colours.


‘By leveraging X-Rite's colour libraries and digital tools, brands can gain peace of mind in their colour decisions,’ added Cindy. ‘Our goal is to empower brands with the necessary colour data and insights to make informed colour choices and reduce time spent on colour adjustments, ultimately enhancing brand visibility and consumer engagement.’


For a limited time, X-Rite Pantone is offering the brand colour assessment profile for no charge.


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