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Xaar celebrates sustainability roadmap progress

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Xaar has made positive progress in driving forward its ESG commitments as set out in its ambitious Sustainability Roadmap to 2030.

The Sustainability Roadmap is based on four key pillars – environment, people, innovation and community, and is an important driver, fully integrated into the company’s growth strategy, with challenging targets set for all areas of the business.

Within its half year results, Xaar highlighted important progress towards the sustainability objectives and targets, including making the group a carbon neutral inkjet manufacturer in 2022 through offsetting, as the business aims to achieve complete carbon neutrality in line with its 2030 goal.

Supporting young people and nurturing their skills is also key to the Roadmap and as part of its Early Careers programme, announced in July this year, the company’s apprenticeship scheme had its first intake working within the logistics department. This is in addition to connecting with local schools and colleges to develop future work experience programmes and Xaar’s supported ‘Learning at Work Week’ in May, which attracted 109 attendees across nine events and resulted in 131 hours of learning.

In addition, as part of its innovation pillar, the operations team has successfully trialled the use of recycled Polylactic Acid (PLA) filaments generated from returned and waste PLA. These are supplied in 100% plastic free sustainable packaging with easy to recycle cardboard spools and are the first stage in the use of biodegradable structural parts in the manufacture of products.

Demonstrating the group’s commitment, the Sustainability Roadmap is led by members of the board, with an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee led by Graham Tweedale, chief operating officer, and senior independent director Alison Littley, who are responsible for reporting on its progress.

Driven from ‘within’ and owned by colleagues across the group, the Roadmap ensures that sustainability is at the very core of its businesses and is a principal driver for investment and positive change.

John Mills, CEO, said: ‘Sustainability is no longer just a part of our agenda… it is the agenda, and will additionally improve both our operational and commercial performance.’

Earlier this year, as part of its community pillar, the company announced Break as its UK charity partner, pledging to match all funds raised. The selection was made by internally appointed Charity Champions under the commitment to Community within the Sustainability Roadmap.

As part of its environment pillar, working alongside Plan Bee, Xaar has added two new honeybee hives to its Huntingdon site to help increase the local biodiversity and pollination of local wildflowers, encouraging other insect and animal populations to visit.

John concluded, ‘We know that our colleagues – at every level of the organisation – are passionate about creating positive change, both today and for generations to come. This means that for us, sustainability is personal. Our broad, holistic approach demonstrates our commitment to making real and industry leading change. From focusing on minimising our environmental impact through to driving innovation, and engaging with our people and the wider community, our Sustainability Roadmap is central to our group and our future.’


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