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Xerox announces formation of CareAR software business

Software Solutions

Xerox Holdings Corporation has announced the formation of a new business, which consolidates CareAR Inc, DocuShare and XMPie under a single holding company named CareAR Holdings.

The new business will be led by Xerox president and chief operations officer Steve Bandrowczak, who will expand his current role to also serve as CareAR’s chairman, and Sam Waicberg, the original founder of Care Inc, who will serve as president.

Now combining DocuShare's content management system, XMPie’s crossmedia platform, and Xerox’s Parc Alto AI artificial intelligence engine, the expanded service experience platform will support workforces with the visual tools and access to data that are needed to consistently deliver high quality experiences for employees and end customers, all while lowering the operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The backbone of the new platform is the augmented reality technology Xerox gained through the acquisition of CareAR Inc, announced earlier this year, which integrates with ServiceNow Field Service Management and allows service technicians to tap into the knowledge of more experienced technicians through live, AR assisted instruction.

The service experience management platform is designed to be industry agnostic and integrates seamlessly with digital workflow leader ServiceNow’s platform, ensuring an end to end approach to work orders, cases and incidents, and delivering high quality customer outcomes and service experiences for enterprises across multiple industries.

‘Xerox has positioned CareAR to deliver capabilities that service intensive industries need, with real time instruction, visual tools and access to data at the tip of any user’s fingertips, all driven by predictive artificial intelligence,’ said Xerox vice chairman and CEO John Visentin. ‘By creating a platform that is intuitive to a digitally native workforce, and with investment from ServiceNow, we believe CareAR will define and grow the service experience management category, disrupting industries at a time when it is needed most.’

‘Our customers have never more urgently needed workflows that deliver greater operational efficiencies, better customer and environmental outcomes, and improved safety,’ said John Ball, senior vice president of customer workflows at ServiceNow. ‘Our investment reflects our belief that CareAR has the potential to deliver world class, enterprise grade augmented reality. Customers using CareAR’s augmented reality to route work through ServiceNow’s leading workflow platform can better solve problems remotely, speeding resolution times and reducing the need for expensive on-site visits, which also reduces carbon emissions dramatically. Together, we are delivering powerful enterprise service experiences for the new world of work.’


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