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Xsys achieves EcoVadis 2022 silver medal rating

Green Solutions

Xsys Germany GmbH has been rated in the top 10% of manufacturing facilities in the paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics industry category, receiving a silver medal rating for its sustainability performance from EcoVadis.

‘This rating reflects the commendable achievements of the Xsys team and all the hard work that goes into our mission to bring brilliance to the printing industry with our flexographic and letterpress plates,’ said Dagmar Schmidt, CEO. ‘Furthermore, it goes beyond our commitment to protecting the environment by also evaluating our dedication to social responsibility, diversity, and human rights.’

With sustainability increasingly viewed as a core demand from customers as well as a source of competitive advantage, there is an increasing demand for more scrutiny and transparency around products and practices. Companies are more than ever adopting and integrating corporate social responsibility principles into their procurement processes and decisions to respond to new demands and futureproof their businesses.

‘The EcoVadis Silver Medal rating gives our customers a clear picture of where we as a company stand in our sustainability performance compared to our peers in the industry and above all also gives us a clear guidance where there is improvement potential,’ explained Friedrich von Rechteren, global commercial vice president. ‘We believe that our active engagement with the ratings process is guiding and accelerating Xsys’ sustainability journey, furthermore it continues to create a strong platform to drive performance improvement for the benefit of our customers.’

He added, ‘However, at Xsys we never rest on our laurels and will continue to improve across all categories ahead of the next EcoVadis assessment later this year. This endeavor is about being completely transparent in everything we do, and the ultimate goal is, of course, to secure a gold medal.’

The EcoVadis assessment is a result of a strong commitment to the environment, and ethical operation. Data shows that companies that have been assessed by EcoVadis at least three times have grown their sustainability management practices at an above average rate and shown year on year improvement across sustainability themes.


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