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XSys announces upcoming price increase on nyloflex products

Flexo Solutions

XSys has announced an upcoming increase in prices across its nyloflex product range, which reflects the rise of input costs the industry experienced throughout 2022.

Effective 1 February 2023, the company will implement a price increase ranging from 6% to 9% on nyloflex flexographic printing plates.

The industry is facing a perfect storm with record inflation and continuous supply chain constraints. ‘During these exceptional times, it has been our priority to stick to our commitments: deliver the highest quality products to our customers in time and in full. We are proud to be one of the most reliable suppliers in the market,’ commented Friedrich von Rechteren, global commercial vice president. ‘At the same time, our operations and procurement teams have turned around every stone to offset the input cost increases without jeopardising our quality and service levels. Due to the success of these initiatives, the announced price increase reflects just a fraction of the input cost increases we are facing.’


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