Creative Edge Software launches iC3D v5.0 at Labelexpo Europe

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Creative Edge has announced the next major release of its iC3D software to coincide with Labelexpo Europe in Brussels. Five significant new features expand the usability and flexibility of iC3D for package designers who are looking for the high end capabilities that are conventionally available only from specialist 3D design software.

Exhibiting with three partners at Labelexpo, iC3D v5.0 is being demonstrated on stands 3E46 (Four Pees), 8A09 (SS&C) and 8A10 (Hybrid Software). In all three locations, visitors are invited to try out the new easy to use features and submit their own label and package design challenges. The development of the version 5.0 comes in response to customer requests since the launch of iC3D v4.0 photorealism at drupa last year, particularly relating to shape modelling and realism.

‘Whereas our last major release was all about improving photorealism, the advances made with version 5.0 allow design professionals to achieve an unprecedented level of control over the shape and form of their packaging design,’ explained Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software. ‘The new features allow creatives to interpret and manipulate their designs, whether that is to improve naturalism, for example, or to emphasise a specific aspect of the product or even a particular brand value.’ The five key features of the new iC3D versions 5.0 are:

Point Editor – advanced shape editing tool providing enhanced photorealism through the ability to add curves, creases, crumples and dents to models selectively.

UVW Editor – enables selective manipulation of artwork placed on 3D models to correct artwork distortion, improve naturalism and allow artistic interpretation.

Physics Simulator – automatically calculates appropriate curves, creases and distortions to create photorealistic 3D flexible packages, such as bags and pouches, at a mouse click.

Sealed Shrink – for visualising shrink filled packages using completely sealed bags. Complements the existing iC3D Shrink Sleeve feature.

Advanced Shape Modeller – additional tools for the creation of highly complex 3D shapes and combinations of shapes

Using features such as Point Editor and UVW Editor, iC3D v5.0 provides the ability to select points on a 3D model, edit shapes, distortions and surface effects, visually adjusting artwork to improve the real life appearance of a label or package design. This could involve adding aspects of randomisation or imperfection, such as creases, crinkles and indentations. As well as these features for selective editing, version 5.0 includes automatic processes. Physics Simulator is similar to technology used in the gaming and film industries. In iC3D v5.0 it automatically recreates the behaviour of a flexible package in different situations, such as sag, bulge and drape dynamics. Sealed Shrink has been developed to mock up shrink filled bags such as those commonly used for pre-packed perishables – for example, cheese, fish and meat portions. ‘At our hearts we are software innovators at Creative Edge Software and we modestly summarise the new features of iC3D v5.0 as ‘crinkle, crumple, dent and bash’, but that is not to underestimate their power,’ asserted Nick. ‘The ability to create any shape, simulate the physical behaviour of packages and visually enhance their aesthetics is the fine tuning that might be the difference between success and failure of a brand proposal.’

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