Easymatrix 106 allows value added products to be brought in-house

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The Easymatrix 106 die cutter was designed to fit the needs of commercial printers looking to increase productivity and add high value added products to their portfolio. For these reasons Heidelberg had expectations of good sales when the product was launched in autumn 2015, but did not expect that machine serial 100 would already be planned for shipment to the USA before the end of 2017. The Easymatrix has an excellent pedigree being based on the top selling die cutter in China, the largest market in the world for this type machine.

Designed and built in Tianjin by MK Masterwork, the Easymatrix benefited from the shared experience of decades of design and application knowledge the two companies have accumulated.

The biggest single market for the Easymatrix has been Germany with a total of 11 machines ordered since the arrival of the first machine at a customer in Berlin in July last year. Machine performance, attractive pricing and extensive features to meet the needs of the most demanding commercial printer are the key criteria that have been driving sales, but almost as important is the peace of mind the ‘GS sticker’ on the machine brings. Proving that the machine meets the highest health and safety standards, required to earn certification from the German Berufsgenossenschaft safety bureau requires careful design and extensive machine testing, but MK Masterwork, the only manufacturer of post press machinery in Asia certified in this way, believe that it is a worthwhile investment as it underlines the company’s commitment to delivering machines built to the highest standards.

The Easymatrix has already proven itself to be a very attractive designed machine for forward thinking printers.

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