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Kernow Coatings has launched KernowPrint Elite Synthetic Paper, an RIT three star certified bright white synthetic material aimed at helping users control static and deliver extremely high quality prints on a tear resistant sheet.

KernowPrint Elite Synthetic Paper is a new line of HP Indigo printable synthetic media built to help address the specific needs expressed by digital print customers. The material takes advantage of the newly developed Kernow Cobalt Coating Technology for HP Indigo to create an optimal surface for ink adhesion and color vibrancy while fully controlling static. Lab tests using Kernow’s Cobalt Coating have shown to eliminate or reduce static by more than 50% compared to competitive synthetics in the market. The thermally stabilized sheet delivers excellent results in multi-shot printing without distortion while the non-porous nature of KernowPrint Elite allows it to easily repel liquids, greases and oils, including harsh industrial chemicals.

The KernowPrint Elite range marks the flagship product for the newly released KernowPrint for HP Indigo material line driven by Kernow’s proprietary Cobalt Coating. The combination of a bright white surface and excellent durability make KernowPrint Elite ideal for applications ranging from replacing laminated paper constructions such as menus and labels to more industrial uses such as safety signage and identification tags. High heat resistance and stability allows KernowPrint to be used in high heat environments without the risk of damage to the sheet itself.

‘KernowPrint Elite is the result of a strong collaboration between Kernow and the users of HP Indigo presses,’ stated Dan Lawellin, HP Indigo materials product manager for Kernow Coatings. ‘Synthetics are a very hot item right now for digital printers, but with the benefits, often come challenges. The goal with KernowPrint Elite was to eliminate the concerns we heard the most: static build up, tail end stretch, and distortion under stress. KernowPrint really does do an excellent job of addressing each of those.’

KernowPrint Elite for HP Indigo is now available worldwide through distributors in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. Kernow plans to expand the distribution into Australia and Africa in early 2018.

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