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Throughout 2018, Roland DG will be on a mission to find, celebrate and recognise the remarkable things achieved by its customersAs part of the mission, on 11 April 2018, the company will launch the Roland Hero Awards 2018.

It will be looking for users across Europe, Russia, CIS, Middle East, North Africa and India, who might have transformed their hobby into a business, created work for quirky, unusual or famous customers, grown their business really fast, passed their business down through several generations, worked in unusual locations, developed an innovative product, built a winning team, donated work for charity or good causes – or just gone that extra mile.

Roland DG know there are hundreds of thousands of customers with special stories to share and the search has already uncovered some fantastic ones.

‘Having worked for this company for almost nine years, there is something quite unique and special about Roland. I know it’s a cliché but we really do have our customers at the very heart,’ said Gillian Montanaro, head of marketing, EMEA.

Gillian continued, ‘I have always been totally amazed by the commitment that our staff have to working cooperatively together with customers to find solutions, identify new opportunities and help them to run successful businesses. Our philosophy really is about looking for how we can be the best, and help our customers to produce the best, and of course be successful. That is why we have a network of offices and Roland authorised dealers throughout the region that enable us to be available locally, and keep in regular touch with customers. This initiative is about telling the stories of customers who have done amazing things – because we want to recognise this and help them to build their reputations – as that is what we are all about.’

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