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KDX has seen a big increase in customers using its premium AllStick (Digital) laminating film range as digital printing increases to grow in demand.

AllStick Digital BOPP thermal films in gloss, matt, and new for 2018, silky matt and anti-scuff digital films, have been specially engineered to provide superior adhesion performance on digitally printed output.

According to Michel Diruy, general manager KDX Europe, this increase in popularity is due to AllStick’s superior quality and competitive pricing. ‘Compared to ordinary BOPP thermal film, the peel strength is far superior, and it has a better grasping ink effect,’ he said. ‘AllStick adhesive is manufactured to create a chemical bond that enables lamination within one hour after printing, reducing downtime, and increasing customer confidence by surpassing some of the best known digital products on the UK market in terms of quality.’

KDX has now developed a 27micron version of the standard AllStick Digital 35 micron film along with an AllStick Digital Silky Matt, and Digital Anti-Scuff laminating film to resolve the issue of scuffing and handling marks/damage associated with traditional matt laminating films. An extra added benefit of the scuff resistant coating is the luxurious feel and a perceived increase in product value which the end user experiences. This new range provides a complete portfolio of films.

AllStick Digital films work extremely well with digital presses from all the main printer manufactures including Xerox, Ricoh, Fuji, Konica Minolta, Canon and HP and is especially well suited to printers that use an imaging process that requires fuser oil. They are ideal for book covers, postcards, mailers, flyers, inserts, and any other digital prints requiring post print enhancement.

The range has excellent transparency and resistance to tear and elongation.

Michel continued, ‘The AllStick Digital range is a hidden gem allowing customers to buy a highly efficient film with an aggressive adhesive for digital print at a competitive price. We really encourage customers to talk with us so we can recommend the best film type for their application and to challenge KDX to offer a better product at an improved price point.’

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