Lasercut.London finds Roland LEF-12i offers more than meets the eye

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Lasercut.London is a specialist in its field, having evolved from a laser cutting business to a problem solving consultancy for high end brands . As such, it seeks out equipment to meet the specific requirements of its clients – but discovered its new Roland VersaUV LEF-12i offered far more than the one function for which it was installed.

‘We design bespoke, high end products, offering the highest quality in London and also work with multiple clients in USA,’ explained Chris McGee, managing director of Lasercut.London. ‘We offer a fast turnaround service for quality focused customers; work is completed typically in three to five days and sometimes overnight.’

Chris continued, ‘More of our clients are requesting brand matched colours which are not feasible on short runs with acrylic sheet, as we would need to order costly minimums of the material, with three month lead times. Additionally, last year we saw a very popular trend for colour gradient logos on awards which, again, are not possible with off the shelf acrylic sheet. The answer to meeting these requirements was a digital UV printer.’

The company went directly to Roland for a suitable printer. ‘I have always respected Roland's status within the print industry,’ said Chris.

He continued, ‘We bought the machine for one specific application, like many of our devices. But once it was installed and I started playing around with what it can do, I discovered many more of its functions. I love the white ink and the surface textures possible with printing layers of gloss UV ink. It brings 3D effects into traditional print.’

The most compact of the LEF series, the Roland VersaUV LEF-12i prints directly onto a huge variety of materials and objects, making it an ideal printer for personalisation, prototype designs and one offs. Printing a bottom layer of white ink makes colours on top really pop, while the gloss ink option enables spot gloss or matt finishes and touchable embossed effects.

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