Stora Enso announces the winners of the Recreate Packaging 2018 design competition

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‘Fruit Glasses’ by Viktoriia Schmidt and Arthur Schmidt, Germany, has won the first prize in the professional category of the Stora Enso Recreate Packaging 2018 design competition. In the student category, the winner of the first prize is ‘MonsterFruits’ by Marcus Zieboll and Tino Buschhorn, Stuttgart Media University, Germany.

Recreate Packaging 2018 focused on children's food packaging, and the awards were granted at a spectacular event in Madrid on the 17 of May 2018. The competition was arranged for the fourth time to drive innovative design and new packaging solutions based on renewable materials.

‘Our expert jury was really impressed by the high quality of the award-winning designs, which combined dynamic functionality with playful design and attractive shapes and graphics. In fact, all the shortlisted designs in the competition could have high potential to affect consumer purchasing and be enjoyed by kids and adults alike,’ said Annica Bresky, head of Stora Enso Consumer Board division and jury chairman.

This year's competition, focusing on children's food packaging, was an overwhelming success with a staggering 61% increase in competition entries compared with the previous edition. Designers were clearly inspired by working on sustainable, renewable materials and the task to improve children's food packaging as the number of entries reached 258.

Recreate Packaging 2018 jury comments

The competition entries were judged based on functionality and user experience, market potential, innovative use of material, suitability for production as well as retail and logistics benefits.

The jury's comments on ‘Fruit Glasses’ by Viktoriia Schmidt and Arthur Schmidt, were: ‘The jury's decision was unanimous: this is a clear winner and scored perfectly in almost every item in the jury criteria. This is a well executed, simple design that supports scalability and adaptability, while also receiving maximum points for production readiness. The design gives credence to the notion that the greatest ideas are often the simplest, which has been a common thread throughout the winning entries. Furthermore, it delivered resolutely when addressing the competition brief – it is fun, engaging and promotes healthy eating.’

‘MonsterFruits’ by Marcus Zieboll and Tino Buschhorn received the following comments from the jury: ‘This is a clear winner, and for obvious reasons when assessed using the jury criteria. The fun and playful design not only grabs children's attention but also encourages interaction and play. Furthermore, it is a simple execution that represents intuitive design, which is crucial for kids to understand the function of the package. The box shape supports cost effective production without missing any marks for originality or uniqueness. On top of it all, the design perfectly meets the competition brief – encouraging kids to eat healthy food in an engaging and fun way. To sum it up, it is production ready and has great market potential.’

Other prize winners in the professional category of Recreate Packaging 2018, the jury granted the second prize to ‘Snack+Break’ by Denise Aimar, Valentina Rizzo, Antonella Zeverino and Chiara Borghi from Italy. ‘Bacaly Snake’ by Karolina Lademann and Tomasz Zakowski from Poland received third prize.

In the student category, the second prize was given to ‘Waky-Up Muesli’ by Natalia Debicka, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, and the third prize went to ‘Animeals’ by Oskar Hilario and Simon Essnert, Nackademin, Sweden. Reflecting the high quality of the student entries, the jury also decided to give three honorary mentions, which were distributed to ‘Magic animal packaging’ by Sophia Scherer and Lisa Scherer from Stuttgart Media University; ‘Ploffie’ by Martin Wunner, Kim So Hyeon and Nguyet Nguyen, also from Stuttgart; and ‘Save The Trip’ by Marie Falk from Brobygrafiska, Sweden.

The Public Choice Award voting on the competition website resulted in almost 15,000 people voting for a design they liked best. The winner was the ‘Smart Snack’ tube by Klaudia Rajca and Martyna Matuszkiewicz, students at Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poland. In addition, the kids’ jury selected their favourite design among the finalists: ‘Waky-Up Muesli’ by Natalia Debicka, from Poland.

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