Fujifilm UK announces new service for litho plate users

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As aluminium prices continue to rise and printers seek to economise where they can, Fujifilm UK has announced a new business process that allows printers to effectively administer or even outsource their plate production. Platesense is a programme that gives printers the option of either reducing overall administration or allowing Fujifilm to help manage the plate production process so that they can concentrate on what matters most ­– running their business.

Under the programme, as well as delivering plates to customers when they need them, along with any associated CTP equipment and consumables, Fujifilm will also manage waste and aluminium collection (helping to protect printers from plate price increases) and also provide comprehensive processor maintenance, service and support. These extra services could also include options such as an upgrade to Fujifilm's XMF Workflow solution and even the management of pre-press personnel.

The result will be a single, all inclusive plate price which will see operational costs and labour reduced or freed up as the company helps to take the hassle away from managing the plate production process.

The programme is available to any printer in the UK and Ireland, and with the recent introduction of both Superia ZD and Superia LH-S2 plates, Fujifilm is now able to offer a competitive, high quality solution for any application. So not only will printers be able to benefit from the higher performance and consequent resource saving benefits these plates already bring, they will be able to simplify their entire plate production process and reduce operational costs as well.

Chris Broadhurst, general manager, Fujifilm UK, said: ‘Despite the drive to digital, in which Fujifilm is a key technology pioneer, the volume of offset print output remains high both in the UK and globally, so the importance of continued innovation in this area cannot be overstated.

‘Fujifilm has long had a reputation for helping offset printers boost profitability through the unrivalled performance and durability of its Superia plate range. Our new Platesense programme takes this to another level altogether, introducing an entirely new business model.

‘This is the start of something completely new and we are excited about the opportunity we now have to deliver time and cost savings to our customers on a scale they would never have thought possible.’


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