KDX partners with IFS and Graphic Arts Supplies to provide thermal lamination support

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KDX has joined with Intelligent Finishing Systems (IFS) and Graphic Arts Supplies to share technical expertise and offer a free lamination film starter pack with every new Foliant laminator.

All new IFS supplied Foliant laminators will be delivered with a KDX thermal lamination film starter pack. The packs have been carefully created to give the customer a taste of the range of lamination films available from KDX, including gloss, matt, anti scuff, silky matt and the innovative Allstick family of digital thermal lamination films.

This partnership approach benefits new Foliant customers by giving them access to KDX’s range of thermal lamination films, all supplied by either IFS or Graphic Arts Supplies. This combination of hardware and consumable expertise gives the customer the assurance that they will always get the best technical support right from installation through to on-going film supply.

Bryan Godwyn, IFS managing director, commented: ‘We have spent 12 months fully evaluating the KDX range and ensuring that it enables printers to get the best results from our Foliant lamination equipment. The KDX film has always consistently performed to a high quality. The starter pack really gives customers the freedom to try out many different finishes supported by a training programme with our technical specialists.’

Lee Murphy, director at Graphics Art Supplies, said: ‘Brexit has brought us closer to KDX due to its unwavering support through a tricky period for the industry. We are now enjoying great success selling KDX’s comprehensive range of thermal laminating films including the newly launched 27 micron digital film Allstick, which allows customers to print, laminate immediately and complete further finishing processes on the fly, which was not always possible with other digital films.’

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