InkTec kicks off 2019 with three new Jetrix printers

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The new year looks bright for InkTec as it launches not one, but three, new Jetrix printers. These newcomers will add to the already extensive range of roll to roll LED-UV flatbed printers.

Building on all the tried and tested technology of the popular KX6 and KX7, the new eight channel LXi6 and LXi7 LED-UV flatbed printers have been designed and developed to deliver high efficiency and will come equipped with even more advanced systems than their previous counterparts including a smarter graphic user interface. The stronger vacuum combined with functional and vibrant ink make them extremely easy and convenient to use. The smaller LXi6 takes media up to 2.5 x 1.28 metres and the LXi7 extends the media size up to 2.5 x 3.06 metres with both offering an optional enhanced roll to roll option. Capable of top speeds of 78 square metres per hour with a maximum resolution of 1080 dpi, the machines are being pitched as the perfect mid range LED-UV flatbed printer for print providers looking to enter the wide format or upgrade current equipment.

This launch will be closely followed in February by the 1.9 metre wide LXiR190. This machine builds on the success of the larger LXiR320, but as its name suggests is a narrower version. InkTec has consciously taken the decision to adopt this more unusual width so that the printer can easily use two 914 mm rolls at once, which will result in a doubling in the production speed of jobs. It prints at a maximum resolution of 720 x 1440 dpi and up to speeds of 45 square metres per hour, which means the printer will be perfect for many roll based applications including banners, graphics, wall coverings and textiles.

Ben Woodruff, head of Jetrix sales, said: ‘These newest machines encompass everything that is great about the introduction of LED technology. They are more environmentally friendly, more efficient to run, eliminate the need for frequent lamp replacement and more importantly create cost savings.

‘They will be officially launched at Sign & Digital UK, however while these printers do see InkTec venturing into new areas, initial conversations have been extremely positive. We are therefore predicting that with the introduction of these new machines, that 2019 will see a lot more Jetrix printers in the UK.’

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