Tintoretto Gesso with H+Opacity makes wine labels perfect to the last sip

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Arconvert’s revolutionary H+Opacity technology is the ideal solution for labels taking the ice bucket challenge.

In the oenological sector, it is critical for labels to look pristine in consumers’ hands at all times, especially after bottles are chilled in ice buckets before serving. Standard wet strength papers may lose their opacity in these extreme conditions, turning grey, altering the label’s appearance, and inevitably losing its aesthetic appeal.

To meet the distinct needs of wine producers, Arconvert is launching a new range of self-adhesive papers with H+Opacity technology, specially designed by Fedrigoni to preserve the label’s initial opacity and maintain a premium brand image after ice bucket immersion. Added directly to the paper pulp, the High Opacity treatment provides greater effectiveness that protecting the label’s appeal longer.

Tintoretto Gesso H+O FSC certified is the first high opacity addition to the Manter collection of specialty papers, a range of premium Arconvert self-adhesive materials for high end product labelling.

Combined with Arconvert’s adhesive specifically developed for the wine industry, SH6020 Plus, Tintoretto Gesso H+O FSC certified is the perfect solution not only for white, rosé, and sparkling wines, but also for any premium product that calls for a high performing label and needs to withstand contact with water or ice. This specialty adhesive is also available with Arconvert´s Ultra WS construction, which enhances label performance by preventing wrinkles.

With the new product, wine makers can rest assured that their carefully crafted brand image will maintain its premium look until the last drop.

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