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ColorGate and freieFarbe cooperate to provide spectral descriptions of spot colours

Packaging Solutions

For effective brand colour management, high colour accuracy is required for spot colours, for example, when creating packaging using digital printing or when creating digital inkjet proofs for conventionally produced packaging (eg flexible packaging, folding boxes, cardboard boxes). There is also an increasing demand for high colour accuracy in the reproduction of corporate colours on textiles. However, many manufacturers have launched their own colour collections for their products, so the number of colour collections in use around the world is certainly in the thousands. Free colour calculation is hardly possible, colour comparisons must be calculated manually. Copyright law sets further limits to free use.

ColorGate and freieFarbe are working together to offer a solution for that: open communication and management of spot colours based on mathematical colour models and open standards. freieFarbe promotes license free open colour communication in order to enable consistent colour results in all application areas and colouring processes. As a practical tool, freieFarbe produces colour atlases based on DIN Spec 16699 and thus provides the corresponding CIELAB and spectral data free of charge in order to develop further application areas (eg colour recipe). The HLC Colour Atlas libraries are included in the upcoming major release of ColorGate: in the new Spectral Spot Module. The benefits of open colour communication will be brought to fully digital production environments for the first time, whilst effective brand colour management has also arrived in non standardised printing environments, such as digital packaging printing.

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