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ColorGate announces cooperation with X-Rite Pantone in brand color management

Print Solutions

PantoneLive is now to be offered in ColorGate’s new Spectral Spot Module.

Spectral characterisation of spot colours is necessary for both commercial and industrial printing applications to ensure brand colour consistency across the entire process chain. Without spectral data, the sharing of spot colours through the supply chain can be ambiguous leading to colour inconsistencies, rework and added waste. This is especially true when producing digitally printed packaging or digital proofs for conventionally manufactured packaging, as brand owners are demanding a higher level of colour accuracy and repeatability. ColorGate will support X-Rite’s PantoneLive cloud based digital colour standard ecosystem in its upcoming release. The company is offering the benefits of PantoneLive to proofing systems as well as digital production environments to help streamline colour communication and improve production. With PantoneLive, brand owners and producers have the option to receive relevant spot colour definitions for non standardised processes and substrates on the base of spectral data descriptions. This enables brands and designers to communicate colour palettes across substrates and printing processes.

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