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Epson adds PrecisionCore printheads to its line up


Seiko Epson Corporation has announced it will reinforce external sales of inkjet printheads by adding PrecisionCore printheads to its product line up. The move comes in response to the expansion of digital printing in the commercial and industrial sectors. The company will begin selling the new inkjet printheads globally in the first half of the 2019 fiscal year, which started on April 1.

Epson has focused on strengthening its own line up of large commercial and industrial printers while also selling inkjet printheads in the F1440 series for large format printers. However, with the completion of a new factory in Japan in July 2018 that gives the company expanded print chip production capacity, the company has decided to reinforce its line up of printheads for external sale by adding the S3200 series of PrecisionCore printheads and the L1440 series of Mach printheads. The printheads in the cost competitive S3200 series embody differentiated technology that enables outstanding image quality, productivity, durability, and printhead scalability. Meanwhile, the L1440 series of Mach heads support the use of up to eight colors and offer a miniaturised form factor for use in multi-head configurations. Both of the new series of printheads are compatible with UV ink, whose use is growing in industrial printing.

Epson seeks to expand the horizons of digital printing, which has a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional printing processes. And the company will further accelerate inkjet innovation by growing its finished product business and increasing printhead sales through partnerships. In addition, Epson will develop technology for printheads optimized for commercial and industrial applications and will create new markets by embracing open innovation in a diverse and expanding range of printing applications and in emerging areas such as electronics and bio-printing.

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