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Employee consultation processes at UPM Plattling concluded

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UPM has decided to permanently close papermachine 10 at UPM Plattling, Germany, with the aim to further increase cost competitiveness of the paper business and reducing coated mechanical paper capacity in Europe by approximately 155,000 tonnes. The decision is based on the plan announced in April 2019.

The employee consultation processes were conducted in line with the local legislations and are now finalised. The number of persons affected is 155 and papermachine 10 in Plattling will be permanently closed by mid July 2019. Paper production on the remaining machines will be continued at the site.

‘The recent weeks have not been easy for the employees at our Plattling site. We are therefore pleased to have led a constructive and fair consultation process to a conclusion which helps diminish the impact of the closure. We regret this decision but remain convinced that it will support the competitiveness of both UPM Communication Papers as well as the remaining assets at the Plattling site in the long run. The discipline and commitment of our employees in Plattling during the process has been remarkable,’ said Ruud van den Berg, senior vice president, Magazines, Merchants and Office Business, UPM Communication Papers.

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