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‘Grow Together’ – Chili publish hosts fourth edition of Spicy talks

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Chili publish has announced its fourth edition of Spicy talks, the Annual Forum for the smart template community. The event will take place November 6 to 7, 2019 in the Silent Green Kulturquartier in Berlin, Germany. Attendees from all over the world will participate in plenary, business and technical presentations under the ‘Grow Together’ umbrella, focusing on smart templates and how these will bring about a new creative design and production cycle.

Smart templates enable users to create tailored digital or printed marketing material on whichever platform they choose, and in a way that automates and optimises the traditional design and production process. Smart templates combine vast, universal functionalities with intrinsic data technologies, so users can maximise the marketing potential of any original campaign in a fast and efficient manner.

Jessica Berlin, director of digital asset management at the American Cancer Society and one of the speakers at Spicy talks 2019, confirmed: ‘Because we have users who have very little experience with graphic design, we needed a way for them to easily build marketing pieces. In 2015, more than 2000 hours were spent on one off job requests for our Distinguished Events alone. By 2019, the ACS has brought that number down to just 117 hours. For our Discovery Shops, just seven templates have replaced 400 PDFs in the DAM, generating an incredible 630 customizations in only two months’ time.’

At Spicy talks, Chili publish brings together speakers, influencers, customers, prospects, partners and its team to exchange knowledge, share experience and build expertise. A full agenda is in the works and will be communicated shortly.

The two day event will be filled to the brim with plenary sessions by Chili publish management and market influencers, alongside business and technical sessions presented by the Chili publish team, customers and partners.

Kevin Goeminne, CEO, said: ‘Smart templates are quickly conquering hearts and minds at marketing departments everywhere. From restaurant label and packaging fulfilment providers to non profit charity funds organisations, smart templates have helped them streamline and optimise marketing material creation procedures. In Berlin, we plan to show everyone how to get started, or how to get more out of it so we can all grow together.’

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