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Andritz acquires Kempulp

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International technology group Andritz has acquired the Swedish company Kempulp, a specialist provider of process technologies for the chemical pulping industry. The company designs and markets technologies used in chemical pulping, including pulp washing, oxygen delignification and bleaching technologies.

The acquisition includes all of Kempulp’s intellectual property rights, technical expertise, tools, systems and inventory. The company supplies process solutions, equipment, upgrades, parts and services that complement Andritz’s existing offering for pulp producers.

Kempulp has a number of well known products and technologies in its portfolio, including the Compact Press, DualOx, DualOmix, DualSmix, Duflopump, DualD, DualDmix, DualZmix, and DynaDisc.

Joachim Schönbeck, executive board member of Andritz AG and responsible for Pulp and Paper Capital Systems, said: ‘KEmpulp’s products and process technologies will continue to be a strong player on the market, providing solutions that complement the Andritz technologies and equipment for specific chemical pulping processes – both for new plants and upgrades to existing installations. As a result, Kempulp’s process technologies and products will enable Andritz to offer optimized solutions to the benefit of its customers.’

The Kempulp organization will be fully integrated into the Andritz Pulp and Paper organisation. Kempulp is located in Karlstad, Sweden and has approximately 30 employees.

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