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Gipping Press continues transition to sustainable print practices

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Gipping Press Ltd, based in Suffolk, places sustainability at the centre of all operations and growth planning. The company has now taken another major step forward.

The journey began four years ago through partnering with the Woodland Trust and the World Land Trust, through paper suppliers, to ensure that all paper used is carbon balanced and FSC accredited.

This partnership spiralled to planting trees at sites around England and ignited a spark within the company to investigate how it could further improve things.

Customer services director Danny Cuff said, ‘The engagement we have had from our customers has been terrific. Many of them wanted to share knowledge they had discovered themselves and also join in the learning process with us as we move forward.’

The next natural step was to ensure that inks used in the litho department were vegetable based and could decompose without leaching harmful chemicals into water.

Having looked at the consumables used in the print process the next step was to use 100% sustainable energy to power the company’s machinery.

In July 2019, Gipping Press was very happy to reach an agreement with energy supplier Engie to ensure that all electricity used in the company is 100% renewable.

A change in energy supply combined with smaller changes such as phasing in energy efficient lightbulbs, is really moving the company towards a more sustainable operation.

Managing director Jonathan Steed said, ‘Whilst we acknowledge that we still have work to do to continue this positive transition, we are very happy with the progress we have made so far.

It is important that companies take responsibility for how they source energy and resources, especially in the current global climate. It has been fantastic to be able to work with business partners who share a similar vision in order to improve our own practices.’

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