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Double sided web processing made possible

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Supply, installation and repair specialist, CP Automation, has announced the new Re WG Reverse web guiding system for the converting industry. Designed for double sided processing and precise web alignment, these compact systems will help converters to process both sides of the web at once, in less footprint.

Normally, double sided processing of a web, such as printing on both sides of paper, required two distinct processing systems of unwinding, printing and rewinding. However, two separate web guiding systems require more space and used more energy than one compact system.

The new WG Reverse guiding system from Re now makes it possible to process both sides of the material in one compact system, whether the material is foil, paper, tissue or film. The diagonal bars of the system are chrome plated and micro-perforated to generate a cushion of air needed to turn the web, without causing damage to the web surface.

CP Automation can supply two model variants to customers, the first being the Reverse 180. This model is for 180 degree web turning on linear applications such as flexographic or rotogravure machines. The second variation, the Reverse 90, offers 90 degree web turning. In this system, the rewinder is perpendicular to the unwinding station.

The WG Reverse web guiding system can be used with infrared, optical or ultrasonic sensors to detect the web edge precisely, to align the web position throughout the entire turning and processing time span.

‘This new product launch is set to help many of our existing customers in the converting industry, as well as many new customers who may not realise double sided web processing is now an option,’ explained Tony Young, director of CP Automation. ‘Footprint is a major factor in the converting industry, so a machine that can combine two processes into one is set to be very well received.

‘The launch of the WG Reverse web guiding systems also reinforces our long standing business partnership with Re, a business that continually sets the pace in the converting sector. Providing this highly sensitive and precise web control in this strategic partnership, we save converting businesses time and money by reducing scrap material.’

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