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New Weerg Wallet – a new way to shop for CNC machining and 3D printing


Weerg, the revolutionary Italian e-commerce which offers CNC machining and 3D printing online, has once again confirmed its mission to bring innovation to the world of mechanics by introducing a totally new financial service for the sector. The ‘Wallet’ is comparable to a virtual rechargeable credit card with no expiry date, which Weerg users can easily charge online with cuts from 500 to 15,000 euros.

Already widely used in e-commerce, both in business to business portals such as websites selling photographic images, and in business to consumer by giants such as Amazon, this new tool ensures maximum security and allows you to quickly and easily make online payments. In addition, shopping with your Weerg Wallet allows you to access interesting discounts and deferred payments – even for orders of a few euros. Starting from the 5000 euro cut, it is possible to pay the recharge of the Wallet by bank transfer at 60 days with a credit of 5500 euro, which can be used immediately for orders of any amount.

‘Paying within a long period of time has always been an established practice for companies accustomed to moving in the off line world and especially in many conservative and traditionalist markets such as mechanical engineering. For this reason, we too have obviously received numerous requests from customers regarding the possibility of deferring payments on our platform,’ explained Matteo Rigamonti, Weerg's founder. ‘We have evaluated several options to satisfy this request and the electronic wallet seemed to us the best answer, in line with our tech company soul.’

And once again the choice proved to be a winning one: online since November, Weerg's electronic wallet has immediately received great acclaim. ‘Even though it is a totally new tool for most of our interlocutors, many of them immediately took advantage of it, starting to charge much higher amounts than we expected, also to take advantage of the extra credit benefit,’ said Matte.

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