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6 o’ Clock Gin launches new line with help from Amberley Labels

Packaging Solutions

6 o’clock gin has launched a new line of premium gin, now available in cans – ready to drink gin and tonics. The design mirrors the original blue glass bottle.

The cans have a premium look that captures the history and craft expertise unique to this brand of gin.

Amberley Labels was able to achieve a perfect colour match to the distinctive blue using six colours digitally printed onto the silver pp. The company’s digital presses have an in line spectrophotometer which delivers a closed loop colour management system to eliminate manual calibrations and adjustments. Maintaining this absolute consistency is imperative.

With the bespoke blue ink printed onto silver pp it gives an added holographic effect when held to the light, adding on-shelf appeal. The end result finished with a matt lamination, deliver a great look on product.


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