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Canon ProStream 1000: 30 installations worldwide

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Since the ProStream’s first installation in November 2017, it has been well received in the market as a solution for a wide range of high quality applications including premium direct mail and graphic arts applications, such as books, magazines, and calendars. There are now over 30 installations worldwide running at full production speed and offering customers maximum uptime.

Renowned for its reliability and delivering increased profitability, the ProStream enables customers to migrate high value work from offset to inkjet without compromising the quality, while increasing the efficiency of the whole value chain and exploiting the full creative potential of variable data printing within multichannel promotional campaigns.

A European customer, Frank Ehrhorn, sales director, Eversfrank Group,

explained: ‘With our digital printing set up we are superbly equipped to offer our customers individualised output in short timeframes. Through high performance, offset like quality and the advantage of customisation at large volumes, we are advancing the medium of print. The ProStream 1000, backed by Canon’s expertise in integrating digital workflows for variable data, has enabled us to begin a new chapter regarding the services we offer, and to open up new possibilities for our customers on a large industrial scale.’

Following feedback from our customers, last year Canon introduced new enhancements to the ProStream to further boost the printer’s consistent high quality and reliable productivity. The updates now allow for printing on media up to 300 g/m2 for book and magazine covers, as well as postcards up to 250 g/m2 at rated speed.

Peter Wolff, vice president, production printing products, EMEA Commercial Printing, Canon Europe, said: ‘The introduction of the ProStream 1000 set a new benchmark for inkjet quality, truly competing with offset. The ProStream is both matching our customers’ quality expectations and meeting their large volume requirements. We understand that investing in a continuous feed digital print solution is a big investment to any business. While productivity and reliability are key to our customers’ purchasing decisions, so too is trust, support, expertise and business consultancy. That is why, with Canon, our customers don’t just invest in our technology, they also have a partner who is invested in their success.’

Stuart Rising, head of commercial print, production printing products, Canon UK Ltd, added: ‘The Canon ProStream, supported by our exceptional services organisation, offers UK printers a really unique proposition. For companies looking to make the transition from offset to digital or have a strategy to consolidate digital technology with more automated workflows, Canon UK can support you with this transition and demonstrate where the economic benefits can be achieved.’

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