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Massivit 3D contributes to battling the pandemic


Massivit 3D Printing Technologies has announced its global contribution to the combat against the Covid-19 pandemic. By dedicating its resources and mobilising its network of over 100 customers and distributors worldwide, high quality, ergonomic PPE face shields have been conceived and produced to address the urgent demand by medical teams caring for the victims of the pandemic. Massivit 3D’s high speed additive manufacturing technology allows for the supply of hundreds of face shields off each machine, every day.

In addition to devoting all of its manufacturing resources to producing and donating thousands of face shields to medical teams at local hospitals with a less than one day turnaround, the company has also made available to all, the optimised 3D print files of the newly developed face shields. The Massivit 3D global network of customers and distributors are also making their own printers available for this effort, supplying face shields to health workers in their countries. Customers who participate in this initiative have been guaranteed a donation of printing gel by Massivit 3D.

The 3D print files (based on an original design by Art Nzo’s Twan Kerckhofs ) as well as the screen cutting file, and instructions are available for download from the Massivit 3D website and can be 3D printed locally on any Massivit 3D printer.

Massivit 1800 3D printers have the capability to produce 200 face shields per eight hour shift.

‘We became aware of the dire shortage of personal protective equipment worldwide and the urgent need to help medical teams protect themselves,’ said Massivit 3D’s CEO, Erez Zimerman. ‘Our team is proud to be able to offer significant help during this difficult period. All our efforts are now dedicated to this cause. We are mobilising all our resources towards the new PPE face shields so that our network of customers can help battle the Covid-19 pandemic as a united global force. We encourage and support the development of any initiative that can help eradicate this scourge with the use of Massivit 3D unique additive manufacturing technology.’

In Italy, one of the countries that has so far suffered most from the Coronavirus outbreak, Massivit 3D customer, Sismaitalia, was grateful for the opportunity to take action. Managing director, Federica Tisato, said: ‘Thanks to our fruitful collaboration with Massivit 3D, we are now able to produce 3D printed face shields using our Massivit 1800 and to significantly contribute to protecting the health of our devoted health workers and fighting against the Coronavirus.’

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