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BPIF launches new Covid-Secure road map

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The BPIF has launched a ‘Covid-Secure Road Map’ in a drive to ensure businesses work towards being Covid secure. The organisation has set out the steps to take to ensure a safe transition from lockdown, highlighting the key points, guidance and latest legislation to consider as our industry moves towards 100% reopening with the pandemic receding.

There has been a wealth of detailed government issued guidance, and the BPIF road map clarifies and simplifies the advice into eight practical steps, helping businesses take into account all new requirements to create a trusted and compliant environment.

It is important to note that this is not a short term crisis and it is quite likely that Covid-19 will circulate in the human population long term. It is becoming more apparent that, until we have a more effective treatment or vaccine, social distancing and more regular and enhanced cleaning routines will have to continue for some time.

The BPIF Covid-Secure Road Map takes you through the journey in a clear and easy to follow manner, with additional elements within each step – suitable guidance and templates are listed, along with recommended actions to be taken.

The BPIF has encouraged members to conduct their own review of business, working closely with a cross section of employees, devising a plan to make necessary business changes which will bring confidence to all employees.

The organisation has also added a ‘Covid-Secure’ product listing to its Find a Printer portal at


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