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Ashgate installs first Fastbind Pureva Smart binder at Page Visions

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Page Visions, a commercial printer in Slough has installed the UK’s first Fastbind Pureva Smart binder which complements the Fastbind Casematic A46Z Smart casemaker and the Fastbind EVA XT hot melt binder which the company recently bought from Ashgate.

‘The Fastbind equipment suits us perfectly because it is so easy to use and produces a quality product every time. This is very important because we have a large finishing department with 15 people in two shifts, operating all the Fastbind machines,’ explained Iwona Wytrzymala, finishing manager.

‘Whenever they bring out something new where we can see the benefits of

faster, easier and more consistent production, we always look at it first. We have known Ashgate and appreciated its service for so long. In the last seven years we have bought seven machines from the company, including casemakers, binders, gluing equipment and laminators, all of which are

still operational. Sometimes we are so busy that we have to bring one of our older pieces of Fastbind equipment out of store and it works every time.’

Page Visions has a business to business and an online department where customers can order over the web. ‘During the lockdown, more and more customers placed their orders over the web and are still doing so. If they place their orders in the morning then we commit to finishing them the same day which can be quite a challenge,’ said Iwona. ‘In my department we finish a

wide range of hard and soft back books, photo albums, schoolbooks etc, from one to whatever the customer wants but the cut off is usually about a hundred.’

The Pureva Smart semi automated binder is the natural succession to the Fastbind Pureva XT manual binder. Both machines can bind both soft and hard back books up to A3 portrait with the choice of PUR or EVA glue adhesive applications.

‘Due to the speed at which we have to turn the books round, we are using EVA glue because it is quicker to dry and finish. However, it is useful to have a machine that can do both. In future it gives us the opportunity to take on much longer runs where we have more time to use the PUR glue,’ Iwona commented.

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