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Touchshield anti-microbial protective films

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Touchshield is a new range of anti-microbial protective film products from G-Tec Paper & Film, which has been awarded up to 93.41% protection against viruses in accordance with ISO 21702.

The UK media manufacturer has been working toward this significant milestone since announcing the development in May of this year, refining the formulation to meet the ISO standard.

ISO 21702 measures antiviral activity on plastics and other non porous surfaces of anti viral treated products. TouchShield WPVC70 measured an outstanding proficiency in excess of 93% against an enveloped viral strain. With Covid-19 also being identified as an envelope virus, the high efficacy results are an astounding result.

CEO Tom Powell praised the development saying ‘the team wasn't happy settling for 99% efficacy against bacteria alone. A virus beating protective film product was exactly what they wanted to deliver with TouchShield.’

The clear film with a secure branded watermark can be integrated to all retail, medical and public sectors without compromising on brand identity for the clients whilst instilling consumer confidence.

‘We wanted to produce an anti-microbial range of film products that would be accessible and easy to apply to everyday objects,’ said director and head of research and development for the company, Andrew Gartshore.

The new film range includes an an easy apply air release system to achieve a bubble free application, for easy installation into public spaces and environments.

‘Our anti-microbial coating offers up to 99% protection against bacteria and viruses. This tough, germ fighting top coating, partnered with over 35 years of product development experience within the self-adhesive film sector delivers a totally unique range of products for the consumer,’ Andrew commented.

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