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Fujifilm, Highcon and Harris & Bruno to combine in online event

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A virtual event at 15.00 CET on 24 September will track the creation of a bespoke, folding carton package as it is printed on a Jet Press 750S in Brussels, coated by Harris & Bruno Europe in Germany, and digitally cut and creased by Highcon in Israel.

As the market for commodity print comes under increasing pressure, being able to demonstrate an ability to add real value is ever more important. Every stage of the print production process has a part to play in this, and this is why, in the first of a series of online events, Fujifilm and its partners will demonstrate how to add maximum value for the customer at each stage of the production process.

Mark Stephenson, product manager, Digital Printing and Press Systems, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe, who will host the event, explained: ‘The ongoing situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has made product demonstrations a huge challenge for our customers in recent months. We are used to welcoming hundreds of prospective customers to our Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels each year – and of course demonstrating our technology at industry exhibitions and events.

‘In light of the current situation – we have decided to work with trusted partners to demonstrate how value can be added at each stage of the print production process, through a live, multi-location online event. We are immensely proud of the quality produced by our Jet Press 750S – but the finishing process has an equally important role to play.

‘I will host the event, from the UK, introducing my colleagues in Brussels who will start live production, as our online audience watches. That work will them be ‘virtually’ passed on to Harris & Bruno in Germany for coating, and then to Highcon in Israel for cutting and creasing. Attendees will also be able to learn about the added value of digital printing and finishing from a long time customer of both Fujifilm and Highcon.

‘Of course, for all the advantages of a virtual event, when it comes to print, there is no substitute for seeing the real thing and holding it in your hands. So, all attendees will have the opportunity to request a finished piece to be sent out to them after the event.’

Joe Rodriguez, technical director, EMEA for Harris & Bruno, said: ‘We are delighted to be working with Fujifilm on this exciting initiative. Quality print deserves quality finishing, and we are looking forward to showing how our processes can add real value.’

Yaron Eshel, in charge of application and business development at Highcon, added: ‘Added value, creative print has huge growth potential in the coming years – and it needs a digital finishing solution to match. We look forward to demonstrating the role that we are playing in this creative, digital future.’

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