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Adelco DTF Printer and Powder Shaker

Industrial Solutions

Adelco has announced the launch of its latest product the four headed DTF printer and re-circulation powder applicator. This printing technology brings together advanced features, high quality prints, and ease of use, all in one machine.

The Adelco DTF comes equipped with a choice of two or four printheads that enable high definition printing with sharp vibrant colours. The powder shaker ensures that the printed designs adhere firmly to various substrates, providing a long lasting, durable finish.

In addition, the DTF printer comes with a built-in air purifier, which eliminates the need for frequent filter changes. The intelligent suction panels also help maintain a clean work environment by capturing excess powder during the printing process.

This advanced system is equipped with an ink alarm system which notifies the operator when the ink levels are running low, ensuring that you never run out of ink mid-print. This feature makes the Adelco DTF printer an ideal choice for high volume printing jobs.

Luke Smith, sales director, commented: ‘Our Adelco DTF system is highly developed, easy to use and produces excellent prints. With our team of engineers to install and maintain it, this DTF system is the obvious choice.’

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