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Arctic Paper launches G-Flexmatt

Packaging Solutions

Arctic Paper has launched the new G-Flexmatt, a versatile complement to the existing packaging range – Munken Kraft. G-Flexmatt is a one side matt coated flexible packaging paper ideal for packaging applications with a demand for natural appearance.

G-Flexmatt is a further step to sustainable alternatives for a world with less plastic packaging materials. The matt surface emphasises the natural character of the material for a more natural and emotional consumer approach.

The paper is produced in a nearly 100% fossil free production process at Arctic Paper Grycksbo in Sweden, and is cradle to cradle certified at silver level.

The matt surface enables an excellent natural print image appearance in flexo and offset processes, while the strength values given by the 100% virgin, short and long fibre mix, effectively support the end use in food and non food packaging.

Due to the wide range of basis weights, G-Flexmatt can be used for many applications including chocolate and coffee wrappers, pouches, banderols, and single and multiwall bags. It is also suitable for applications with direct food contact.

G-Flexmatt is available in grammages from 60 to 100 g/m² (reels and sheets).


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